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Our materials are well accepted and have been used by famous architects, important archaeologists and the Unesco all over the world. Countless projects have been made using Enamelled Lava and Enamelled Gres and many are in progress. Below you can find a file with a selection of projects in Greece that will give you also an idea of versatility in base design and graphics.

Below you can find a list of intallations and pictures.

Download Installations


Sounio - Attica

Keramikos - Athens

Acropolis – Athens

Ancient Market – Athens


Isthmian - Corinth

Delos island

Mycenae cemetery Dendra – Corinth

Elis- Peloponnese

Ancient Corinth

Acropolis of Proerna – Lamia

Acropolis of Midea – Argos

Ancient Theater – Argos

Ancient Market – Argos

Kriterion – Argos

hill of prophet Elias – Argos

Olympio – Athens

Oropos – Attica

Palamari – Skyros island

Castle of Rio – Peloponnese

Patra Aquadect

Paleomonastiro – Peloponnese

Etionian Gate - Pireaus

Sikyon – Corinth

Ancient Thira – Thira

Karthea – Kea island

Skarkos – Ios island

Theopetra cave – Trikala

Ancient wall – Nisyros island

Drakano – Ikaria island

Ireon – Samos island

Samos forest

Festos – Crete island

Acropolis of Lindos – Rhodes island

Fylakopi – Milos island

City of Ypsilis – Andros island

Saint Andreas – Sifnos island

Mycenae wall - Thives

Egoshtena casstle – Viotia

Erythres casstle – Viotia

Tower of Vathichoria – Attica

Alea – Tripoli

Archaeological Museum of Pithagorio – Samos island

Private projects

Unification of Archaeological areas in Athens


Xanthi - panoramas

Natura 2000 Milos island

Hotel 21 – Kifisia Athens

Hotel Astir Palace – Athens

Our signage panels come with a 10-year color stability warranty over 30-years life expectancy

We finalized signage project for 7 panels in enameled lava and concrete base supports in Delfi.

We finalized signage of a monument square in Voula Athens.