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Graphic Design

The graphic composition of a signage panel must take into consideration the peculiarities of this communication media. Although it must attract the reader, it must ensure legibility. Furthermore and most importantly, it must be a discreet presence next to the object it describes.

Signs&Lava offers graphic solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our objective is to put our creativity at your service. We study your primary material, we take into consideration your intents and preferences concerning both aesthetics and communication priorities, and we make our design proposal suggesting also the ideal material for your particular project.

All you have to do is to give us your input and then choose which solution best fits your needs.

Our signage panels come with a 10-year color stability warranty over 30-years life expectancy

We finalized signage project for 7 panels in enameled lava and concrete base supports in Delfi.

We finalized signage of a monument square in Voula Athens.