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Enamelled Lava

Lava is a natural material extracted at the quarries in Volvic, France and has been used in signage worldwide for more than a century.

Natural lava can be cut in any shape or size, with thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 80mm and a maximum size of 1500X1000mm. After it has been cut and shaped, each piece is then manually glazed with fire resistant enamels and fired in special kilns for about 12 hours at 1000o C to form the fondo colour of lava panels. Furthermore, with the technique of silk screen printing and the use of enamels, it is possible to print on the glazed surface of the lava any desired graphic composition. We can produce texts, maps and images in one or more colours, all the way up to four colour process quadricromy. The production process is entirely manual, making each panel a small piece of art.

The adhesion of the enamel on the lava is total: after firing they become one indivisible body. On the enamelled surface a slight and uniform crazing appears (the craquelle, a similar effect to that on porcelain). It is an inevitable and characteristic feature, caused by the difference in dilatation between the enamel and stone during firing which does not affect colours or images and gives enamelled lava its natural “handcrafted” aspect.

Enamelled lava offers:

  • 10 year color resistance warranty
  • 30 year life expectancy or more of printed surfaces
  • 100% resistance to physical agents (sun, snow, salty sea breeze)
  • 100% resistant to cleaning liquids
  • Anti-graffiti properties (can be easily cleaned)

Lava Brochure

Our signage panels come with a 10-year color stability warranty over 30-years life expectancy

We finalized signage project for 7 panels in enameled lava and concrete base supports in Delfi.

We finalized signage of a monument square in Voula Athens.