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Our company is active in the field of permanent outdoor signage since 1998, representing in Greece the French brand Pyrolave enamelled lava slabs.The high quality of Pyrolave signage slabs has established the use of lava slabs also in our country. Pyrolave is the best possible choice for high specification projects and it has earned today the trust of our customers. 

Pyrolave has been particularly accepted by the Ephorates of Antiquities (Ministry of Culture). Thus, today, Pyrolave signage has been installed in numerous archaeological sites of international importance and high tourist traffic such as the Acropolis in Athens, Festos in Crete, Lindos in Rhodes, Ancient Thira in Santorini, and many others.

 With the objective to serve as diligently as possible the growing requirements of the market in the field of signage, we decided to broaden the range of materials that we offer. So, apart from enamelled lava, our company* has introduced in the Greek market also enamelled Gres, an artificial stoneware produced in Germany.  At the same time, we offer signage solutions with special prints on a vast assortment of materials such as: aluminium, securit-type glass, bronze, inox, canvas, MDF, plexiglas, vinyl, etc. In this way, we aim to satisfy also indoor signage needs (e.g. museums).

 * In 2009 our company is renamed as Signs&Lava.

Our signage panels come with a 10-year color stability warranty over 30-years life expectancy

We finalized signage project for 7 panels in enameled lava and concrete base supports in Delfi.

We finalized signage of a monument square in Voula Athens.