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The period in which we live in is extremely demanding.  Quality of projects is ensured through increasingly strict specifications, the task of selecting competent personnel for the realization of projects has become ever more challenging, to depth specialization is today an urgent necessity. At the same time, the need for proposals and solutions based on a global approach that comply with the totality of a project has become an imperative.

Thus, in order to respond to these current requirements we have created a joint collaboration of 3 companies, uniting our strengths so as to offer total customer satisfaction. All 3 companies have excelled in their specific area during the multiple years of their activity:

Signs&Lava, in the organization of signage solutions and in the creation of high quality signage elements for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Organization of Media on Environmental Interpretation, in the organization of all media (exhibits, e-information, multimedia, training, web pages, etc) which enable the interpretation and enhancement of the natural and/or cultural environment.

Indigo Graphics, in the organization of all graphic design pre and after press works.

For every project we undertake, we design and execute it in such a way as to ensure that:

  • It serves its purpose most effectively, based on the prerequisites that have been formulated by the client
  • It is organized in the most efficient manner in terms of time, energy and cost.
  • It is carried out in a coherent and coordinated way.

Our goal is to provide high quality services to our clients during all phases of a project, starting from its conception, following to its execution and ultimately including its administration.

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Our signage panels come with a 10-year color stability warranty over 30-years life expectancy

We finalized signage project for 7 panels in enameled lava and concrete base supports in Delfi.

We finalized signage of a monument square in Voula Athens.