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Induction Cooking

 Rediscover cooking !!!

 Many know that for the past few years almost all major brands of electric kitchens produces hobs that are with Induction instead of electric radiators. The advantages of Induction are many:

  • Faster cooking
  • Energy saving
  • No source of heat in the kitchen
  • Safe (switches off automatically when you remove the pan)
  • Easy to clean the surface since there is no heat in the ceramic surface
  • Long life (since there are no moving parts and no direct heat)

 Pyrolave, after many tests with Induction producers has developed a unique idea:

 We can now install Induction units under the glazed lava top!!!

 So in addition of the arguments presented above we can also have a kitchen top with no visible hobs and just a small printed circle so that the user knows where to place the pan. It is ideal for open kitchens since the only thing you see when you are not cooking is your glazed lava top.

 Please take a look at our demonstration video in the link below:


Video Demonstration

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