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Natural Lava

After quarrying & cutting these massive blocks that appear to be in ideal condition we always wait with anticipation to see whats hidden inside. We cannot tell in advance if we will find sheets with a perfect & harmonious finish or will there be cracks & splits, fissures, holes & random markings revealed. Having completed the arduous tasks of lifting & cutting the blocks we cannot just waste this effort by discarding anything less than perfect. Of course any defects or cracks to large to work with are removed & often a 2 mtr block leaves us with 1 mtr slabs to work upon & these pieces will include all the inherent features that collectively make up the unique appearance of both glazed & natural lava stone. Unlike other stones we cannot fill & invisibly polish away any descepancies. Anything we do to the stone will reveal itself later during the glazing or polishing proceedures & so instead of trying to conceal the inherent features we have to embrace them as they all combine to make glazed & natural lava such an interesting & attractive finish.

* Variation in shade & tone

* Variation in surface texture & appearance

* Small holes & random markings

* Occasional fissures

new colors available


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