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Lava stone is a fantastic material that can be used in 2 forms:

  • Brute Natural lava in various applications. Its unique grey color and the different treatments that we apply give a unique look to your creations The pieces can be found in tiles, in big custom pieces or in custom made masive blocks.
  • Glazed lava stone. We add special fire resistant glazes in an unlimited array of colors and finishes like glossy, satin matte and rough. The glazes after fired in the kilns for 12 hours merge with lava giving a surface that is from the most resistant ones found in the market.

We invite architects and designers to create unique creations in design and color that will promote their vision with unique durability properties. You can find some ideas for the usage of Brute and Glazed lava stone on this site as each project is unique and we have no ready pieces but we construct all the pieces per project.

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new colors available


New Swimming pool finished in Voyliagmeni


New product - Glazed Bricks